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Compt software helps companies develop perk stipends so employees can get the perks they want and need most. Link your Compt app and Slack workspace for seamless communication between Compt and your team.
With the Compt app:
  • You can get a summary of your perk stipends (balance, start, and end dates).
  • You can claim your perk directly in Slack.
  • You'll be privately notified about relevant Compt account details. (Turn on/off Slack notifications in the My Account menu.) Enable Slack Notifications in My Account menu.
  • You can easily share how you Compt to a dedicated Slack channel from within your Compt account or Slack.

Slash Commands

Use slash commands to interact with the Compt app:
  • /compt - Got a question or need help? This command provides the support email.
  • /compt summary - Receive your latest stipend(s) information.

Claiming Your Perks

1️⃣ Upload your claim file and share it with the Compt app.
Upload Claim Image/PDF

2️⃣ On the uploaded file message, open the More actions menu and select Claim a perk with Compt action.
Upload Claim Image/PDF Upload Claim Image/PDF

3️⃣ In the opened modal, complete the form and submit. That's all! 🙌🏽
Upload Claim Image/PDF
Note: A paid Compt account is required to enable this integration. Log in for more details.
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